Marie learned throwing on the wheel at the Art Academy in Stuttgart while studying Kommunikationsdesign and she very soon had a sense of the flow state while working. In 2020 she started Marie Ballhause Keramik. 

For her it has always been important that her ceramics are perceived as a whole object, so her initial focus was to design a base to match the object, while designing clean shapes and using only transparent glaze.

At the moment, her focus is on colouring porcelain so that she can stay true to her initial compact, that an object as a whole is beautiful to touch and look at and can be coloured at the same time.  With porcelain, taking the objects in hand is particularly rewarding because it is so soft and at the same time very resistant because it can be fired to a high temperature. Her vision is that people will see this in her work and find their favourite piece for everyday use.

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